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Have Makeover and Professional Photo Shoot from Into the Blue

MeIf, like me, you are more likely to be mistaken for Dolph Lundgren as he looked in the Recent eighties revival action flick ‘The Expendables’ than you are Travis Fimmel (a male supermodel, so I am told), or if you are one of those females that thinks they are about as photogenic as Jo Brand gnawing on a bone, then, at first glance maybe this offer isn’t meant for us. Actually its definitely not meant for me; this one is Girls only I’m afraid.

Courtesy of Into the Blue all the plain Jane’s in the world can now be made to feel like a princess while experiencing the star treatment usually only reserved for top models. Yes you can finally get to know what it feels like to ‘work the camera’ and spend the day being pampered by the professionals in proper photographic studios in London, Southampton, or Manchester (a concession to the Northerners among us there – even they can look beautiful :) )

The blurb on the Into the Blue site states the following:

The studios offer a full range of experiences aimed at everyone from young fashionistas to those seriously looking to start a portfolio. The experiences take place in modern, superbly equipped professional studios, a stylish environment that will help get you in the mood right away. On arrival, you will be welcomed by the team and offered a VIP reception including drinks and nibbles whilst you browse the studios portfolios for inspiration.

Blimey, sounds like a right laugh – almost makes me want to dig out the old Rocky Horror outfit and see if I can pass myself off as a girl – almost (but since you are now all bawking over an mental image of old Dolph in a Dress I will have to try and write myself out of this particular cul-de-sac.) So Moving on…..

Once you have arrived and been ‘greeted by the team’ you will be treated to a soothing hand and face massage to help relax you, followed by a chat with the resident make-up artist so between you you can work out your preferred look. Classy or Tarty, the choice is yours. Your stylist will also explain how to create your new look so you can recreate it again at home. A hairstyle will complete the process (your hair will not be cut). All stylists are experienced professionals who will use the finest products in the industry to perfect your hair and make-up.

Styling and grooming complete, it’s time to go in front of the lens, posing for a professional fashion photographer in a range of unique sets including vintage, retro and industrial themes which will complement your favourite outfits. At least 30 shots will be taken using the latest digital camera technology, so your perfect look is sure to be captured. Afterwards you will appreciate the chance to chill out in the studio’s bar lounge until your pictures are ready to see in a private big screen viewing session.

So if this sort of thing takes you fancy then Visit Into the Blue for more details.

Oh and in case you are wondering, this is Travis Fimmel.

Definitely Not Me

Dont know what all the fuss is about……

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